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When a handwritten envelope is found on the doormat, the receiver often recognises the sender’s hand; the strokes of a pen as individual as finger prints. You instantly feel connected, thought-about, loved.


It is a great tradition in the UK to send cards and display them in our homes, particularly on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and when something out of the ordinary has happened.


To me, the most special cards are the ones we receive out of the blue. The ‘just thinking of you’, or ‘saw this and thought of you’ cards. The thought that went into the card decision … based on the person that knows you, a shared experience, or a moment of empathy…


I grew up in a family where sending cards is a very important part of life, hence why I try to remember to send them not only on special occasions, but also to let special people in my life know I'm thinking about them.


I hope my designs and your thoughtful messages may become a memento that lasts forever.

Helen x

Beautiful cards, developed on ethical principles that matter to us all;

sustaining relationships and our precious planet